Becoming a Supplier

If you wish to be considered to supply products or services to Spectrum Brands, please read the following and follow the instructions as to how to submit your supplier information to us below.
Spectrum Brands Supplier Expectations

Spectrum Brands strives to maintain a world-class Purchasing Department, commensurate with the goals of the Corporation. To assist our current and potential suppliers in understanding our expectations of them we have identified the following key criteria driving our supplier selection and development programs.

  • Spectrum Brands Expectations of our Suppliers
    • 100% on time, in spec and in full.
    • We will align ourselves with world-class suppliers offering world-class products backed up with world-class support.
    • We expect consistent high-quality and high-performance materials from our suppliers.
    • We must have immediate reaction and participation from our suppliers of any quality concerns that may arise. All concerns must be driven to a complete conclusion and resolution.
    • We must have the best pricing.
    • We must be a strategic account for our suppliers, with full support and commitment by their executive management.
    • We expect our suppliers to be proactive in finding and generating cost reduction methods throughout the supply chain and within Spectrum Brands.

Spectrum Brands Supplier Advantage

For those suppliers who rise up to meet these challenges, Spectrum Brands offers a lucrative business potential

  • Suppliers that meet these challenges will be recognized for their desires and capabilities.
    • Major share of business volume
    • Long term supply agreements
    • Access to long range planning horizons
    • Preferential position with respect to new product development
  • Suppliers who meet these challenges also get another key benefit: greater sales and greater sales growth from supporting the fastest growing consumer products company in the world.

To become a Spectrum Brands Supplier:

note: In submitting your supplier information to us, you are agreeing to the " Spectrum Brands HHI TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE" in the event you become a preferred supplier to Spectrum Brands.